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Tropical fish and aquarium hobbies are quite rewarding. Taking care of fish can be problematic at times, but it gets much easier when you know what you’re doing. This aquarium site is here to help. Make sure not to overcrowd your community tank. There should be approximately one gallon of water for every inch of fish you have. Make sure the tank cycles and dechemicalizes before adding fish. To keep your fish tank in working order, the proper equipment is needed. Larger tanks require a little less effort since they offer more choices of fish and a more stable biological environment. Before you create your fish community, have a clear idea of what your tank should look like. Think with the fish in mind, as they will require certain things. Also know the basic setup requirements. Larger aquariums are generally more cleaner due to simple water volume. Ph values, hardness, temperature and cleanliness are all issues you need to look out for.

Go with a large tank when possible. Most aquariums are built from thick glass panes sealed together with silicone and banded at the tops and bottoms by rigorous plastic frames. They get as large as 250 gallons in the home sizes. Some larger aquariums use stronger building materials like fiberglass plexi-glass. Concrete is also used in cases where space and weight aren’t a factor. A 200 gallon tank will weigh over a ton. Fish tanks have been made into all kinds of shapes from sinks and coffee tables toilets and wall aquariums. They’ve even been made out of car frames and the Apple Mac computer shell. Aquarium sizes are broad in range. Bettas have been known to live in a cup of water, goldfish in tiny bowls (not advised), and public tanks which can host entire kelp forests and families of sharks. Reef aquariums that contain twenty gallons or less have a unique place in the hobby. These nano reefs generally have a small volume, but can provide great aquarium decor as well as fish environment.

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Aquariums Guides

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