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Piranha Guide
Basic Piranha Marine Tank Knowledge

While arranging a piranha aquarium, fish mass ought to be regarded prior to anything. Mature piranhas have been known to develop to two feet from head to tail. Piranhas are also group fish, which denotes they will require an area to roam. Strive to allocate two gallons for each inch of piranha. A marine tank 6 feet in length by two feet by 2 should allow the required hiding places. A minimum fifty-gallon volume is advised.

Marine Tank Maintenance and Guidelines

Piranhas are extremely voracious diners. Ten to fifteen per-cent water changes each week ought to make sure trash not trapped by the filter is eradicated. Pertaining to filtration, virtually all piranha habitats will require at minimum two components to manage the job, in particular if the aquarium is fifty plus gallons. Nitrate concentrations, which have hazardous effects on piranhas especially, ought to be supervised closely. PH levels ought to stay between 6.5 and six point nine to copy those of the Amazon where piranhas first lived.

Water temp in a piranha enclosure ought to be approximately 80 degrees to promote piranha metabolism. Lots of piranha hobbyests utilize additional pond water pumps to cause piranhas to swim against the waves, as in the Amazon. This additionally increases metabolism levels, increasing appetites.

For ornamentation, it would be appropriate to keep your habitat faint to prod piranhas to venture into ”unsecure“ water. Synthetic vegetation is advised. Any rocks and fake center pieces will need to be snugly attached, since fully-grown piranhas might pitch pieces about perhaps fracturing glass.


Piranhas’ food intake is composed solely of proteins. Living fleshy provisions like lean chicken or beef and sides of fish should be administered daily or bidaily. Sacrificial comet fish are an economical option, though piranhas will dine on basically anything. Research to ascertain what yours favor.


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Piranha Aquarium Photo2

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